[e2e] ResiliencyToward Packet Misordering

Cottrell, Les cottrell at SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Wed Jul 31 17:37:12 PDT 2002

We did a quick look following Craig et al. paper in August 2000 to see the prevalence on paths that we were monitoring. It was written up in a web page at 
but not formally published.

The conclusions for about 250 paths including about 72 countries were:

Roughly 25% of the hosts monitored exhibit reordering. For the hosts that exhibited reordering on average 8 of the 50 packets were identified as being out of order. There is little correlation between the number of packets reordered for a host and the loss or average RTT. The hosts were in 72 different countries, so we looked at the re-ordering by region. It was seen that reordering is high (> 50%) to the developing world and to commercial Internet sites (.com and .net). Eastern Europe and E. Asia also have >: 25% of the hosts monitored exhibiting reordering. 

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> someone repeat the study.
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