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some more comments.
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> Hi, 
> Brian wrote:
> > SCTP multihoming does not
> > support the Strong ES model, and in fact can be shown to break
> > in a number of ways related to congestion if Strong ES is used.
> Lode wrote:
> > The strong ES model seems to imply source routing of some
> > kind and as such make things harder and easier to break.
> Can you elaborate why things become so hard by using Strong ES? 

some stuff is already mentioned in the other post.
The fig 2.1.3 and surrounding explanation show that is it harder to make it
happen. It also shows that it is not the only solution(figure 2.1.4 show an
alternative). I am just favouring(what I think is) the more simpler one.

Hopes this clarifies things a bit.
> Thanks
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