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David G. Andersen dga at lcs.mit.edu
Wed May 8 19:48:40 PDT 2002

On Wed, May 08, 2002 at 02:23:21PM -0700, Hesham Elbakoury mooed:
> Hi Jon
>    What GRID stands for and what is its web site ?
>    Hesham

Grid computing is a concept.  Take more conventional cluster computing
and supercomputing, and then locate the resources around the world.
Add a high-performance long-distance interconnect of some flavor
(usually invovling the Internet).  Use.  The grid computing initiatives
came more from the high-performance computing crowd than from the
Internet crowd, and (perhaps IMO), much of the research tends to
have a goal of furthering people's ability to do large-scale,
high-performance computation.  While there's definitely some crossover
between the two groups, there's also quite a bit of disconnect;
hence, Jon's mail.

  See http://www.gridcomputing.org/  - not all of their proceedings
are online, but you might find the following reference informative.
It describes a "mini-GRID" as a testbed for a real, global grid.


  The kind of hardware they're talking about -- an SGI Origin 2000,
a Cray T3E, and a Fujitsu VPP3000-8 vector processing supercomputer --
should be informative about some of the things people envision connecting
up into a global grid.


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