[e2e] how far it queues?

Saad Biaz sbiaz at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Oct 2 08:55:46 PDT 2002

Hi Alexandre:

On Wed, 2 Oct 2002, Alexandre L. Grojsgold wrote:

> Again, trying to figure out how things happen in real life, with real
> traffic, to my bigest surprise I failed miserably in finding papers and
> articles that showed queue behavior and mean queue lengths within internet
> routers.
This is one of the questions that comes back regularly, and it seems that
the answer is with the Internet Service Providers. Here is one reference
that may help you (does not give exactly mean queue length, etc). But it
is a good starting point:

Packet level traffic measurement from a tier-1 IP backbone, Fraleigh, S.
Moon, C. Diot, B. Lyles, and F. Tobagi.

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