[e2e] [Fwd: State of MPLS deployments today]

Naidu, Venkata Venkata.Naidu at Marconi.com
Thu Oct 3 12:39:30 PDT 2002

-> -> Rather, how can MPLS be deployed easily and efficiently? It's a 
-> -> growing pain problem. Years 
-> -> ago, NOC's had a tough time to deal with thousands of 
-> routes (route 
-> -> aggregation etc.), now they have to get familiar with 
-> thousands of 
-> -> LSP's. Well... tough! 
->   Well said Ping. Yes! I was also wondering, why there is no
->   WG formed in IETF, similar to *ngtrans* (doing pretty good work
->   for IPv6 transition). I think, we (MPLS folks) need something
->   similar in O&M area for defining IP to MPLS smooth transition.
->   IETF O&M area has lots of working groups moving towards IPv6,
->   which is far ahead in the road when compared to MPLS.
->   (Remember, I am very clear here - I am not asking for MPLS OAM, 
->   rather MPLS transition :))

  Writing to myself...may be, MPLS is not as much big compared to 
  IPv6 (in the breadth perspective), if not a separate working group,
  some one can initiate a draft for smooth transition for a network
  from IP to MPLS (at least for the benefit of the big SPs, future
  generations). Hope that is a good idea though!


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