[e2e] Number of persistent connections per HTTP server?

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  I'm quite new in this list and it is the first time I actively participate, so hope I'm not asking too trivial things ;-).

 Basically, I'm curious on this issue because I wonder wether there is a clear benefit in using 4 paralel connections (or 2) when HTTP 1.1 with persistent connections and pipelining is used. Do common browsers ( Netscape / Explorer ) implement pipelining ? As far as I understood in RFC 2616, pipelining is optional for the client, but mandatory for the Server ( is that right ?). 
  For HTTP 1.0, there is a big impact, and 4 paralel connections made more sense. But maybe HTTP 1.0 is not so widely used nowadays ...

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Internet Explorer ver6 uses 2 persistent connections.
> Spencer,
> in 1996 or so there was a feeling that opening 4, say, parallel
> connections
> was evil.  possibly the http spec says "2" to mute the brickbats that
> might
> otherwise have been tossed its way because of the then prevailing
> i
> think 4 has always been the number most browsers use.  (i.e., i
> Netscape used 4 and others followed suit.)
> cheers, Greg Minshall

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