[e2e] Max accelerated connections in TOE

Valentin Ossman Valentin at TehutiNetworks.com
Mon Oct 14 12:35:16 PDT 2002

Hi list,
I'm trying to figure how many connections a TCP offload engine should
support. The feedback I've got on this issue is very fuzzy till now. 
Some claim a big number like 4K connections are needed to cover the
worst case. Having such a connections number will make the solution
expensive. The idea behind this is that when there is a peak traffic
situation, there should be no denial of service.
I have a chipper alternative; provide a number of accelerated
connections to satisfy about 80%-90% of the scenarios (lets say X
connections) and have the other connections handled by the host CPU.
This way we get no denial of service with a chipper solution. The
drawback is, of course, the performance. 
What do you think X (the accelerated connection number should be?

Best Regards,
Valentin Ossman

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