[e2e] Internet link capacity at Universities

Suzanna Hussain suzanna2021 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 14 23:01:23 PDT 2002


I am conducting a brief survey on internet link
capacity of academic institutions around the world. 
Please could you help me by answering these brief

1. at WHAT speed/capacity (in Mbps) your
university/academic institution is connected to the

2. HOW your university/academic institution is
connected to the Internet (i.e using what technology,
dial-up, xDSL etc etc)?

3. HOW many Internet users at your institutions
(staff/students/researchers etc etc, approximately)? 

4. Please tell me the name and location (address) of
your institution.

Please could you reply your answer to my address (not
to e2e mailing list). I will post the result of this
brief survey to all the respondents in the near

Thanks in advance.


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