[e2e] Re: NAT usage at large companies

davide+e2e at cs.cmu.edu davide+e2e at cs.cmu.edu
Fri Oct 18 09:13:17 PDT 2002

> Unfortunately, it is a misunderstanding to believe that NAT
> provides any security improvement...

You could as easily say "It is a misunderstanding to believe that
locking your front door provides any security improvement".

An approach which (say) moves a machine from vulnerabilities
exploitable by script kiddies to vulnerabilities exploitable only
by "professionals" is *some* increase in security.

> It is generally possible for an attacker to piggyback network
> attacks on sessions for which NAT session state predictably
> exists.  Users are often surprised at how predictable such session
> state happens to be.

I would be surprised to learn of such state exploitable by cookbook
crack scripts.  Either way, I (and, I suspect, other members of
the list) would be interested in any pointers you might have to
descriptions of exploiting predictable session state.

> NAT without some other kind of security (e.g. stateful packet
> inspection firewall) does not provide meaningful security.

An SPI firewall without per-machine virus detectors does not provide
"meaningful" security.  SPI plus virus detectors without hardware
capabilities and audit trails does not provide "meaningful" security.
Et cetera.

Dave Eckhardt

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