[e2e] about those "suspicious header" messages

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Fri Oct 18 13:07:19 PDT 2002

Hi, all,

Some of you may be receiving messages such as follow:

 > Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.
 > The reason it is being held:
 >     Message has a suspicious header
 > Either the message will get posted to the list, or you will receive
 > notification of the moderator's decision.

Some information:

1) the "suspicious header" is a tag inserted by spam-filtering software
	- it isn't the header you posted with

2) the filter is optimized for false positives
	- many useful posts are held for approval
	- the filters are constantly being tuned,
	  with the goal of reducing delays to legitimate posts

3) there are many reasons some posts are held and NOT approved
	- see our website for information

	- calls-for-papers, calls-for-participation,
	etc. MUST be approved _in advance_.

	- some other posts, such as job posts, commercial
	announcements, etc. are not appropriate

4) what are the filters, and which filter did a particular message trip?
	The filter details are private, and
	will not be released.

I hope that's useful.

(list administrator)

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