[e2e] Re: NAT usage at large companies

Valentin Ossman Valentin at TehutiNetworks.com
Sat Oct 19 02:07:39 PDT 2002

The only way to really secure the network is to establish IPSec tunnels
en-to-2nd between all the servers and workstations.

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> NAT without some other kind of security (e.g. stateful packet
> >inspection firewall) does not provide meaningful security.
> I'll take that, and raise you 5 - stateful packet inspection doesn't 
> provide meaningful security either (if you can figure out how 
> to set it up 
> correctly in the first place, you gain no benefit unless you 
> carefully 
> control what is on the "inside" of the firewall.   A good 
> first step: no 
> Microsoft application software (such as Outlook or Word).  A 
> good second 
> step: no Microsoft networking code, such as NetBIOS over TCP. 
> A good third 
> step: no users.).

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