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Call for Participation and Final Program

4th International Working Conference on Active Networking (IWAN 2002)
ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland, December 4-6, 2002

Note: Hotel bookings should be done before November 1, 2002, to take
advantage of negotiated conference rates. For registration details
please go to the conference web page.


Wednesday 04.12.2002: Tutorials
  Tutorial 1: Active Networking: Introduction to a novel approach in
              computer networking

  Tutorial 2: Hands On Programming And Use Of Active Networking

Thursday, 05.12.2002, 09.00h - 17.30h
  Welcome Address
  Keynote 1: Doug Maughan, DARPA

  Session 1: Node Operating Systems
   - Snow on Silk: A NodeOS in the Linux Kernel
   - PromethOS: A Dynamically Extensible Router Architecture Supporting
     Explicit Routing
   - The OKE Corral: Code Organisation and Reconfiguration at Runtime
     using Active Linking
   - Lightweight Thread Tunnelling in Network Applications

  Session 2: Active Service Discovery And Deployment
   - RADAR: Ring-based Adaptive Discovery of Active Neighbour Routers
   - Integrated Service Deployment for Active Networks
   - Component-based Deployment and Management of Services in Active

  Session 3: Active Monitoring and Management
   - ANQL -- An Active Networks Query Language
   - Predictable, Lightweight Management Agents
   - Open Packet Monitoring on FLAME: Safety, Performance and Applications

  Session 4: Mobile Wireless Active Networking
   - Active Networks for 4G Mobile Communication: Motivation, Architecture
     and Application Scenarios
   - Evolution in Action: Using Active Networking to Evolve Network Support
     for Mobility

  Social Event and Banquet

Friday, 06.12.2002, 09.00h - 17.00h

  Session 5: System Architecture
   - AMnet 2.0: An Improved Architecture for Programmable Networks
   - Design and Implementation of a Python-Based Active Network Platform for
     Network Management and Control
   - Designing Service-Specific Execution Environments
   - ROSA: Realistic Open Security Architecture for Active Networks

  Session 6: Peer-to-peer And Group Communication
   - A Flexible Concast-based Grouping Service
   - Programmable Resource Discovery using Peer-to-Peer Networks

  Session 7: Active Service Composition
   - Feature Interaction Detection in Active Networks
   - Flexible, Dynamic and Scalable Service Composition for Active Routers

  Session 8: Panel: Future of Active Networks

  Closing Address

Visit the conference web page at http://www.iwan2002.org/!

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