[e2e] common congestion controller for TCP connections

David G. Andersen dga at lcs.mit.edu
Tue Oct 29 08:04:34 PST 2002

On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 01:59:00PM +0100, Michael Savoric mooed:
> I want to present a common congestion controller called
> "Ensemble Flow Congestion Management" (EFCM) for TCP connections.
> ...
> The EFCM controller is located in the transport layer of a TCP
> sender and it is fully transparent for applications running on
> the end systems. The EFCM controller jointly shares the following
> TCP control variables between TCP connections of an ensemble:
> * CWND
> * SRTT
> [...]

  I would think you might be interested in looking at our
work on the Congestion Manager from a few years ago:


  You might find it relevant.  Not only do we have an ns-2
evaluation, but we've implemented it in Linux;  the source code is
freely available.  If your algorithms are substantial improvements
over those we used, the CM may provide the kind of nice, modular
framework you would want in which to actually implement your own


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