[e2e] Call for papers: Tools and Technologies for Networking Research and Education

John Wroclawski jtw at lcs.mit.edu
Thu Oct 31 14:50:33 PST 2002

                       C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S

                  ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review

                            Special Section on
       Tools and Technologies for Networking Research and Education

Networking research and education are characterized by the need to
understand, model, evaluate, and explain large, complex systems that are
ultimately realized at the physical level.  This understanding must cut
across numerous levels of abstraction, from the detailed function and
implementation of a protocol module to the overall behavior and
stability of systems with millions or billions of elements.

A number of tools - observation, analysis, simulation, emulation,
prototyping, and broad-scale test deployments - are typically brought to
bear on these needs.  Today's networking environment - new developments
such as sensor-nets and highly scalable peer-to-peer networks, as well
as the growing size and complexity of traditional data networks - pose
increasingly difficult challenges to effective provision of these
capabilities.  Continuing study and development of the tools that
support networking research and education is critical to the progress of
the field.

CCR solicits papers on the broad topic of tools and technologies that
support networking research and education.  Example topics of interest

_ Highly scalable simulators and simulation algorithms - parallel,
   multi-level abstraction, etc.

_ Networking testbeds and testbed support technologies

_ Tools for visualization of network behavior or performance

_ Modular, extensible router and switching platforms (software or hardware)

_ Rapid prototyping environments for network protocols

_ Special purpose and application-specific network simulation tools

_ Measurement and instrumentation strategies and platforms

Submissions ranging from presentations of specific research and
development efforts to more general, philosophical position papers are
welcome.  Ideal papers will be forward-looking, with impact and
implications for ongoing or future work.  Papers will be reviewed and
evaluated for publication by researchers and educators active in the
field.  In keeping with usual CCR criteria, papers that bring out
interesting and novel ideas at an early stage in their development are
favored over highly polished, journal-style results.  Authors are
encouraged to consult the CCR website at the URL given below for further
information and paper submission details.

Submissions due:
December 16, 2002

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