[e2e] Is a control theoretic approach sound?

Xiaoliang (David) Wei weixl at caltech.edu
Sat Aug 2 16:02:19 PDT 2003

> So, i think it makes sense to study these frameworks to take the
> congestion control robustness and dynamics discussion above the level of
> handwaving "packet-level" dynamics to rigorous flow-level models. The
> contributions of control-theoretic folks to networks in this area is
> invaluable.
> best
> -Shiv

     Probably a naive question to many control-theoretic people (since I'm
not a control theorist):  The terms "packet-level" and "flow-level" were
brought up many times. Could you give a rigorous definition of "packet-level
dynamic" and "flow-level dynamic"?
     Thank you:)


Xiaoliang (David) Wei             Graduate Student in CS at Caltech

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