[e2e] Question about FAST TCP

Steven Low slow at caltech.edu
Tue Aug 5 23:04:58 PDT 2003

The first two papers are more on background
theory, focusing just on the window control
algorithm.  The algorithms proposed in 1
and 2 all contain a q_dot term (derivative
of end to end price).  They have been
implemented in ns, but not yet in Linux,
so there is no performance measurement in
real network.

The third paper (IETF Draft) is a small
subset of a paper we are revising (whose
extended abstract has been submitted),
and will hopefully be available online
soon.  The algorithm there can be thought
of as a high speed version of Vegas, and
does not use q_dot term.


lz6 at njit.edu wrote:

> As far as I know, there are three major FAST TCP based on control theory:
> 1. Stabilized Vegas, D. H. Choe and S. H. Low
> 2. A new TCP/AQM for stable operation in fast networks, F. Paganini, Z. Wang, 
> S. H. Low and J. C. Doyle
> 3. IETF Draft: FAST TCP for high-speed long-distance networks, Cheng Jin, 
> David X. Wei and Steven H. Low
> Is there any performance comparison among these three appraoches in real 
> network?

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