[e2e] Nature mag, DARPA, and the Internet

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Fri Aug 8 18:48:09 PDT 2003

Dave Crocker wrote:

> Hilarie,
> TPSHO> mentions "many credit the agency with developing the Internet" and an
> TPSHO> editorial "In Defence of DARPA", mentioning that among its payoffs are
> TPSHO> "a host of critical Internet technologies."  I assume the magazine
> TPSHO> means well, but this lukewarm referral to DARPA's role seems to show
> TPSHO> that those who do not know history are designated to rewrite it.
> So, Darpa did the packet-related work and one or two of the core
> applications.

"packet-related work" like IP, UDP, TCP, DNS, SMTP, FTP, etc.?

If that's not the Internet, what exactly is?

I agree that there's more - email, the web, mice, windows, etc. that 
didn't originate with DARPA-funded work. But those things run _on_ or 
_with_ the Internet.

Would there even _be_ a web, URLs, etc. without the DNS? or TCP over 
which HTTP runs?

I.e., I wouldn't give Panasonic credit for creating the phone system, 
just because I pick up a Panasonic phone to make a call.


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