[e2e] MMAPPS Invitation - Exploring how to build a new generation of ro bust P2P Applications

ben.strulo at bt.com ben.strulo at bt.com
Tue Aug 12 09:36:03 PDT 2003

Apologies for any duplication:

Some of you may be interested in recent results from our European
Union-supported R&D project that is exploring how to build a new generation
of robust, incentive-compatible P2P applications.
Specifically, we would like to invite you to attend a free 1-day MMAPPS
Project Day we will be holding (as part of NGC/ICQT'03
 <http://www.ngc2003.org/>) in Munich on 16th September.

Supported by well-known speakers from Groove Networks, Project JXTA, and the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the workshop will examine an
approach to market management of P2P applications based on the research of
the MMAPPS project. 
The project is now approaching its mid-point (and is in its JXTA-based
engineering phase) and so has plenty of results to report.

For further information on the MMAPPS Project Day see:

Please also feel free to extend the workshop invitation to any of your
colleagues with a potential interest.

We hope our work is of interest to you, and that we see you in Munich!
Ben Strulo (on behalf of MMAPPS project team)

If you are unable to attend the project day itself, but are still interested
in the project, you may wish to subscribe to the MMAPPS Newsletter (sent 3
or 4 times each year). You can subscribe from the website or by mailing me

For general project information see:	www.mmapps.org

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