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Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Thu Aug 14 12:58:47 PDT 2003

Some members of the E2E-interest community are interested in economic
models and their (inevitable) influence on the technical mechanisms of
the Internet, although this is kind of on the edge of the topic area of
the E2E RG.  (One might ask: what RG WOULD it be closely related to?)
So, I am forwarding the following message to the list.

Bob Braden


Dear friends,

As you may know, we are currently engaged in, and are making good progress
on, an EU-supported collaborative project which we feel may be of interest
to you.

MMAPPS (Market Management of Peer-to-Peer Services) is creating generic
middleware to support a new class of P2P applications that give peers
appropriate incentives to co-operate for the good of the whole peer
community. These applications will encourage peers to contribute and will
then efficiently allocate that contribution amongst the members of the

The middleware is generic and supports the definition of a wide variety of
incentive schemes, which may be based on rewarding good behaviour, or on
punishing bad. The schemes can involve payments for contribution but can
also be based on rules that enforce a minimum contribution through
community sanctions.

A key aspect is how peers contribution is accounted for; the middleware
provides support for a very wide variety of specific accounting and
management schemes, since we have come to the firm conclusion that
different P2P applications can require very different trade-offs in terms
of the necessary security/scalability/anonymity/robustness of such

The MMAPPS middleware framework has the potential to underlie a very wide
range of future P2P applications, and allows easy re-use of many different
independently-developed accounting schemes (including traditional
micropayment schemes, reputation-based schemes, and many more novel,
lighter-weight ‘record-based’ schemes).

The project is now approaching its mid-point (and is in its engineering
phase) and so has plenty of results to report.

If you would like to be kept informed of the project’s progress we
recommend you do so either via the MMAPPS Newsletter (issued quarterly) or
more directly through participation in the FREE 1-day MMAPPS Project Day
we will be holding (as part of NGC/ICQT'03).

Additionally, three well-known in the area speakers (Prof Chris
Dellorocas, MIT, John Giudice, Groove Networks, Bernard Traversat, Sun
Microsystems) will participate in this event.

To receive further information on either the Newsletter or Project Day,
please simply reply to this e-mail, or register yourself directly at our

We hope our work is of interest to you!

(On behalf of Professor Ralf Steinmetz)
Vasilios Darlagiannis

For further information on the MMAPPS Project Day see:		www.mmapps.org
then ‘Events’
To directly subscribe to the MMAPPS Newsletter see:		www.mmapps.org
For general project information see:				www.mmapps.org

MMAPPS Project partners are:	AUEB, BT, ETHZ, Mysterian, TA, TUD and ULANC.

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