[e2e] e2e delay characteristics

Matthew Wright mwright at cs.umass.edu
Sat Aug 16 05:25:37 PDT 2003

Hi all-

I'm interested in having a good model of e2e delay, delay variation, and
loss. I've been using Bolot's 1993 paper (End-to-end packet delay and loss
behavior in the internet) as my primary source, but I'm concerned that 
things may be different a decade later.

I've looked at Vern Paxson's thesis and from that (ch. 16), it also
appears that Bolot's suggestion of an exponential variation in the delay
does not match the characteristics that Paxson found.

Does anyone have some good references for this? I'm primarily interested 
in a steady flow of packets with about 50 to 500 ms between each packet, 
rather than single probes or file transfers. I will use what I can get, 

thanks for your time-

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