[e2e] RE: [Tsvwg] RFC 1323 revision

Peterson, Jon jon.peterson at neustar.biz
Tue Aug 19 11:16:26 PDT 2003

I believe that the TSVWG is a reasonable place to discuss this work (at
least until the long-expected TCP WG is formed), and that an IETF WG mailing
list is the right place to manage documents that aspire to become
standards-track RFCs. Of course, pursuing this document in the TSVWG would
not preclude analysis on the venerable e2e list, which of course harbors
numerous non-overlapping experts who could provide valuable input on this

Jon Peterson
NeuStar, Inc.

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> Subject: [Tsvwg] RFC 1323 revision
> Hi,
> A revision to RFC 1323, TCP Extensions for High Performance, is
> currently being discussed on the tsvwg at ietf.org mailing list.
> Is this the right place for this discussion, or should it move
> over to end2end-interest at postel.org, the End to End mailing list?
> (The TCP Large Windows mailing list is no longer active.)
> 			-David Borman
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