[e2e] Addressing format...network and mask

Alok Dube alok.dube at apara.com
Thu Dec 4 11:22:54 PST 2003

> Alok Dube wrote:
>>>>why do I have to stick to "bit boundaries"?
>>>>they are meant for routers to lookup faster
>>>They are the definition of Internet routes as well.
>> yes....but its the prefix we care about...the masks are just there to
>> make the FT guys happy.
> The prefix is determined by the mask.

i guess you mean the "prefix range is determined by the mask"

now i say that i pass the range and not the mask...(the mask field in the
protocol update gives the last Ip of that segement and not the mask).

>> so given that as working, i could still pass start IP and end IP of
>> the range.
>> its still backward compatible...incase one was to propogate subnets,
>> one could still use the 1st and last made from the mask and build the
>> tree...
> You can't send your routes outside your subsystem, and they would need
> to propagate back through to the core Internet interchanges.

so i set a bit in the protocol updates which says if whats being passed is
the range or the mask...

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