[e2e] t/tcp and web services

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> Still, a web service is mainly a RPC - so there is
> still quite a reason to worry about the single-shot
> requests. Wouldn't a more secure variant of T/TCP
> that utilizes cookies (as in SCTP), nonces and
> such be worth thinking about? Or is that just
> impossible because of T/TCP's very nature?

T/TCP does not accept CC options and data in first SYN blindly, the first
connection between two T/TCP hosts will never carry the extra payload.
Subsequent connections will
be T/TCP enabled only if the first one was successfull. That rules out the
basic SYN flood attacks. Although an attacker could always devise a modified
syn flood
attack, this first barrier would protect from most of them.

Moreover, in FreeBSD, T/TCP has syncache and syncookies and as far
as I know they work just fine.


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