[e2e] t/tcp and web services

Marcel Waldvogel marcel at wanda.ch
Sat Dec 13 14:28:03 PST 2003

I agree that persistent connections are a good thing. The advantage of 
T/TCP (or a future, improved, protocol) is that multiplexing is handled 
by the OS. Unrelated processes (or processes trying to avoid 
synchronization overhead or head-of-line blocking) still need to perform 
a three-way handshake to a peer host they are already communicating with.

This will get worse once people recall that there are other ports 
besides 80 over which to communicate. (I still (naively?) hope that the 
"allow only HTTP through firewalls" and the "tunnel everything over 
HTTP" groups will eventually realize their conflicting goals.)


>As for persistent connections - I agree that they're
>a good thing, but in the context of web services, I
>guess that they only increase efficency when it comes
>to bulk data transmission (result from a web service,
>or several parameters containing arrays etc.).
>Still, a web service is mainly a RPC - so there is
>still quite a reason to worry about the single-shot
>requests. Wouldn't a more secure variant of T/TCP
>that utilizes cookies (as in SCTP), nonces and
>such be worth thinking about? Or is that just
>impossible because of T/TCP's very nature?

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