[e2e] on the need for more research in core networking

Sally Floyd floyd at icir.org
Tue Jan 14 15:33:20 PST 2003

One of the issues at the NSF ANIR Principle Investigator Meeting
last week ("http://www.ncne.org/training/nsf-pi/2003/nsfpimain.html")
was about identifying research issues to be addressed in different
areas of networking.  (Dave Clark and Scott Shenker gave quite good
keynote talks.)  Bob Braden asked me to post my viewgraphs to
this list from my own short presentation in the panel on issues in
Core Networking:


Just FYI.

- Sally

The IAB is also in the process of writing a document discussing
concerns that more research is required to further the evolution
of the Internet infrastructure, and that consistently sufficient
non-commercial funding is needed to enable such research.
We will post a copy of that document to this list when it is a little
further along...

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