[e2e] Queue size of routers

Alia Atlas aatlas at avici.com
Fri Jan 17 07:21:24 PST 2003


In the core routers that I am familiar with, there is closer to 100ms of 
buffering.    I suspect it varies based upon the age of the architecture, 
but currently there is the clearly expressed requirement for approximately 
100ms of buffering at an interface.

Alia Atlas

At 09:11 PM 1/16/2003 -0800, Greg Minshall wrote:
>i think routers in the core don't have a delay*bandwidth of buffer memory
>(though i could be wrong).  i think they limp by with 5-20 ms of buffering.
>if this is true, it may be the reason it works is that the "high level of
>aggregation" at the core really does mean that the load is fairly constant,
>without the peaks associated with looking at a single TCP's queue length.
>again, note all the caveats, etc., above.
>cheers, Greg Minshall

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