[e2e] TCP ESTATS design team

Matt Mathis mathis at psc.edu
Tue Jan 21 12:32:16 PST 2003

We are in the process of assembling a design team to update the TCP extended 
statistics MIB, draft-ietf-tsvwg-tcp-mib-extension-02.txt.    If you would like 
to help with this effort please send a note to Peter O'Neil or me.

The extended statistics MIB will endow TCP with substantial diagnostic 

We will have a new draft for review by the TSVWG in time for the ID cutoff.
This draft will incorporate the detailed per connection statistics from the 
web100 project and the good transport work that was done by the IPv6 team and 
later determined to be out of scope.

The IPv6 team is finishing up an update to rfc2012.  Our document will be an
extension to it.

(Sorry about the duplicates.  After I sent the first announcement to the TSVWG 
and IPv6MIB lists, several people pointed out additional groups of potentially 
interested people.)

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