[e2e] Routers capacity in NS

Tarik Alj aljtarik at inrs-telecom.uquebec.ca
Sun Jan 26 07:53:29 PST 2003

I believe NS has a mailing list of its own where you might be able to find
answers to your questions more easily.

It's archives are searchable from the ns web page.

On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, solazver wrote:

> Hi, I'm trying to run out some examples in NS specifically the example
> presented in :"Fluid-based analysis of a network of AQM routers supporting
> TCP flows..." by Misra, Gong and Towsley. If I have a router with a
> capacity, C, and it has 3 possible destinations, how should I split its
> capacity for each link?.
> Solazver Solé Alvarez
> Postgrado en Ingeniería de Control y Automatización de Procesos
> Universidad de Los Andes
> Mérida-Venezuela


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