[e2e] EFCM - a common congestion controller for TCP connections

Michael Savoric savoric at ee.tu-berlin.de
Tue Jan 28 05:10:47 PST 2003

a few months ago I have introduced my EFCM common congestion
controller for TCP connections. In the meantime, I have performed new
simulations considering the TCP SYNACK connection setup. In
addition, I have fixed a small bug in the ns-2-implementation of the
EFCM controller. The new simulation results can be found here:


My colleague Holger Karl and I have written another technical
report that validates some of the EFCM control algorithms.
We analytically show that the performance gain of the EFCM
controller compared to standard TCP is not based on an increased
aggressiveness to the network, the main reason for the performance
gain of the EFCM controller is the ensured fairness between TCP
connections of an EFCM-controlled ensemble. This technical report
can be downloaded from here:


Regarding this result, it might be interesting to investigate
how the performance of the EFCM controller will be if we introduce
a controlled (!) unfairness among TCP connections of an ensemble,
e.g., to better support short-lived interactive flows. This will
be part of our future research activities.

Best regards,
Michael Savoric

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