[e2e] Re: IENs, was Re: TCP design descisions

RJ Atkinson rja at extremenetworks.com
Sat Jul 26 07:50:02 PDT 2003

On Friday, Jul 25, 2003, at 18:18 America/Montreal, David P. Reed wrote:
> IEN's, personal archives, and personal memories are what we have.
> Many design decisions were argued out in groups in person and online
> and transcribed after the fact into IEN's.    I agree with Craig that
> the best way is to focus on specific questions.   There are many folks
> who were not involved at the time who have opinions about what happened
> and why.   Those of us who were there are a bit more reliable,
> but memories vary, and there's a Rashomon effect depending on
> what mattered to each participant most.

	It is a pity that IENs are no longer actively produced.
It would be nice to have an archival publication series that
is extremely light-weight and very short time-to-publication.

	As the RFC publication process grows more and more complex
to navigate (particularly in recent years & largely to address
IESG concerns), the desirability of an alternative series,
such as IENs (particularly for individual submissions on experimental
or informational topics), seems to grow.


Ran Atkinson
rja at extremenetworks.com

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