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Fernando Gont fernando at gont.com.ar
Mon Jul 28 11:42:01 PDT 2003


In the same paper (David Clark's) as that of my previous post, it's stated 
that "The second goal of the Internet architecture is that it should 
support, at the transport service level, a variety of types of service.".

However, only TCP, UDP, and RTP (which is built over UDP) come to my mind, 
they don't guarantee any specific type of service (for example, "low 
delay", "high throughput", etc.) by themselves.

Besides that, for example, TCP provides a "realiable" byte stream. However, 
there are some errors that TCP won't catch, so if reliability is a real 
issue, then another layer of error control must be built up on top of TCP.

Have there been any efforts (I *do* think so) in developing transport 
protocols that focus on providing different types of service ("low delay", 
"high throughput", "true (?) reliability", etc. ) ?

Pointers to any papers discussing the problems and efforts around this will 
be appreciated, too.


Fernando Gont
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