[e2e] evolution of bandwidth as a term

Loki Jorgenson ljorgenson at apparentnetworks.com
Thu Oct 2 12:32:43 PDT 2003

As an academic who has worked on the nature of language evolution, I
would suggest that it is "natural" for meaning to evolve and for
conservative forces to resist that change.  Quoting (I think it was)
   "Change is coming.  It's probably for the better.  I won't like it".

There is a cost for "conflating terms" and there is a cost for
maintaining the distinction between terms.  And the human organism will
optmize language for effectiveness.  Or at least that is how the
evolutionary model describes it.

Whether right or wrong to "misuse" the word bandwidth by any given value
system, it *is* how the meaning is currently communicated.  And, I would
guess, how we will likely use the word in the future.  Unless of course
conservative forces are able to resist successfully and enforce the
codification of conduct and usage.

Regardless, I suggest that being judgemental and critical of the
individuals on this list is counter-productive to the purpose of its
existence.  Joining it should indicate subscription to its objectives, I
would think.


|| My point is that by deliberately conflating the two meanings of
|| and defining them in terms of an arbitrary layering convention
(network vs. 
|| physical), this pedagogy ennobles a pernicious form of ignorance -
one in 
|| which systems such as the ones we are building here cannot even be 
|| described, because the terms taught prevent students from being able
|| express them.

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