[e2e] evolution of bandwidth as a term

Cannara cannara at attglobal.net
Thu Oct 2 21:28:19 PDT 2003

We're getting there!  Almost got it -- entities and units are different
animals, so indeed "Hz" is used precisely for "bandwidth"; and "bps", "Bps",
"Pages/s", "Emails/s", yadda, yadda are all available for "datarate".  What a
panoply of units and terms for information rate we have!  But we insist on
subverting the distinction of bandwidth and datarate with: "and that word is",
when there is no one word meaning both bandwidth and datarate -- "is" is not
the word to use.  And, anyway, we already went through hours of sworn public
discussions on what "is" is, here in the US a few years back.  :]


grenville armitage wrote:
> Christian Huitema wrote:
>         [..]
> > If you
> > want something unambiguous, use Hz or bps, don't use bandwidth.
> "Hz" and "bps" might well be unambiguous, but they are only the units in
> which a measurement is being made. Another word usually identifies the
> network/system characteristic being measured or quantified. And that
> word is....
> cheers,
> gja

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