[e2e] evolution of bandwidth as a term

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Fri Oct 3 08:42:24 PDT 2003

David P. Reed wrote:

> In a side conversation about a more subtle ambiguity, a list reader 
> reminded me that there are two interpretations of the word "bit" that we 
> tend to use.   One kind of bit is a symbol which has two states 
> (conventionally called 0 and 1).   Another is a unit of information (or 
> negentropy) that can measure the information content of a system 
> state.  

A bit of storage or capacity is exactly the unit that supports 
storing/transmitting a bit of information.

As with bandwidth, the two variants are not unrelated.

As to writing this all down (RFC style), one might, e.g, write down all 
the alternate definitions or interpretations of a word, and put them, 
e.g., in an alphabetical list, and e.g., call it a "dictionary".

All these definitions are in common use, and usage evolves. Electronics 
has established terms it too cribbed from other disciplines and contexts 
(e.g., valves), and they are evolving as well.


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