[e2e] Re: evolution of bandwidth as a term

Nitin H. Vaidya nhv at crhc.uiuc.edu
Fri Oct 3 09:22:49 PDT 2003

  >> I've tried a number of possibilities out in my mind, and the one I like best
  >> is "band-size", which I think is better than "frequespan" (and not just
  >> because I suggested it :-). It's euphonious, to-the-point, and says just what
  >> it means - the size of the frequency range (band). What do you think?

Band-size is unlikely to fly (I certainly hope it doesn't).
The community that uses "bandwidth" in the *correct* manner is
unlikely to give up that perfectly reasonable terminology for something
new like band-size.

I am guilty of occasional (I hope -:) misuse myself, but that
does not make it right. The distinction is important enough that
different words be used to emphasize the distinction (bandwidth
and bitrate should do).

I can perhaps understand arguments condoning the misuse (given that
such misuse is not unique to bandwidth, and that context often helps
disambiguate), but I cannot understand arguments that oppose trying to
correct the misuse.

- nitin

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