[e2e] evolution of bandwidth as a term

David P. Reed dpreed at reed.com
Fri Oct 3 07:31:34 PDT 2003

At 03:32 PM 10/2/2003, Loki Jorgenson wrote:
>Regardless, I suggest that being judgemental and critical of the
>individuals on this list is counter-productive to the purpose of its
>existence.  Joining it should indicate subscription to its objectives, I
>would think.

You know, I do not criticize individuals,  but I am sorry if I appear to be 
doing so.   I am criticizing a practice (as evidenced by the conference 
announcement), and doing so harshly.  There's a difference.   Criticizing a 
practice is fair game, as is criticizing an idea.  Or is judgement and 
criticism no longer a tool of intellectual discourse?

As far as subscribing to the lists objectives, I believe I do, and for that 
matter all of those who have spoken seem to, as well.  It seems to me that 
the objectives are best served by a robust discussion, which we have had on 
this topic so far.   I'm very happy that my friend and former student, Mike 
Greenwald, feels free to criticize my ideas, for example.

>|| My point is that by deliberately conflating the two meanings of
>|| and defining them in terms of an arbitrary layering convention
>(network vs.
>|| physical), this pedagogy ennobles a pernicious form of ignorance -
>one in
>|| which systems such as the ones we are building here cannot even be
>|| described, because the terms taught prevent students from being able
>|| express them.
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