[e2e] Re: evolution of bandwidth as a term

Nitin H. Vaidya nhv at crhc.uiuc.edu
Fri Oct 3 18:02:19 PDT 2003

My first attempt at this posting apparently got held up because
the filter found my e-mail header "suspicious".
Trying again with alternate subject ...

  >>Information rate is a function of the semantics of the symbols; in the 
  >>absence of that semantics, information rate = bit rate.

Well, may be I am misinterpreting the statement above, but the
way I understand "infomation", infomation rate is NOT bit rate,
semantics or not. Bit rate of a data stream, and the rate of
communicated "information" are often unequal (as someone recently
illustrated with the example of CNN).

  >>Perhaps it's sufficient to use a qualifier?
  >>	analog bandwidth
  >>	digital bandwidth

Sufficient perhaps, but is it necessary?
Besides, "digital bandwidth" still leaves the door open for
a confusion between "bit rate" and "capacity", those two being
different. Which one does "digital bandwidth" correspond to?

Wouldn't it be far easier to fall back on "bit rate"
or "capacity" when that is what one means?

- nitin

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