[e2e] Losses unrelated to congestion on wired networks

Panos Gevros Panos.Gevros at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Oct 8 04:33:56 PDT 2003


do you have any utilisation statistics that go with this packet loss rate 


=?gb2312?q?Jing=20Shen?= typed :
 | I'm now working on some implementation of network
 |monitoring for SLA.=20
 |  The monitoring of leased line service in past months
 |shows that, the packet loss rate is as low as less
 |than 0.5% in our situation( 10Mbps optical line
 |connecting routers). The reason for this is possibly
 |for bad working condition of optic convertor or
 |router's buffer outage.

 | --- Saad Biaz <biazsaa at eng.auburn.edu> =B5=C4=D5=FD=CE=C4=A3=BA>
 |> Does anyone have references/links to losses
 |> unrelated to congestion that
 |> happen on WIRED (optical included)  networks?
 |> Packet loss rates numbers would be most welcome.
 |> I will highly appreciate any help.
 |> Thank you, Saad-
 |> Saad Biaz
 |> Auburn University
 |> =20
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