[e2e] WWW client traces with referer

jie.wu at epfl.ch jie.wu at epfl.ch
Sun Oct 19 13:01:00 PDT 2003

I'm looking for some unsanitized (except anonymized) WWW client message traces
with URL referer. I've looked at the traces available at the Internet Traffic
Archive (http://ita.ee.lbl.gov/) and web-caching.com but couldn't find a
suitable one. I can find URLs, accessing time, etc. grouped by anonymized users,
but the missing information I need is if the Nth accessed page is the referer of
the (N+1)th accessed page. Well, referer is a server-side environment var, but
basically I need the client traces to record whether the next access is done by
following a link on the current accessed page or not (by bookmark, by heart,
etc.). Any idea? Thanks.

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