[e2e] concurrent TCP connections - how likely are they?

Michael Savoric savoric at ee.tu-berlin.de
Wed Oct 22 08:59:27 PDT 2003

I am searching for investigations at huge (WWW) servers to
out how likely is it to have more than a single TCP
to the same destination or the same subnetwork at a given

* Do you know some links or papers with regard to this

* Or is it possible to get (anonymized) traces from such
  that I can make my own investigations?

The background is:
I have developed a common congestion controller for TCP
in ns-2 and a Linux implementation has been written by one
of my students.
Both simulation and measurement results show that such a
congestion controller reaches (large) performance gains.
In addition, together with some colleagues I have
analytically shown
that my common congestion controller is not more aggressive
to the
network than standard TCP in its "best case" (Proceedings of
ITC 18,
September 2003, Berlin).

What I need now is citeable material to motivate the usage
of a common
congestion controller in the Internet.

Best regards,
Michael Savoric

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