[e2e] a simplification of TCP equation

Atsuo J. atsuo_j at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 11 14:32:29 PDT 2003

I have seen a few papers (such as TFRMCC draft) used a simplified TCP throughput equation of Padye where
   (1) estimate RTO = 4 * RTT
   (2) the number of packes acknowledged by each ACK is estimated to 1.
   (3) Min(1, 3*sqrt(3*L/8)) = 1 ; when L = packet loss rate
Then, we can estimateTCP Rate from packet size, RTT and loss rate.
However, I have never seen any papers justifying this simplification. 
Why these three simplification making sense?
Would it be any cases that these simplifications are not good?
thank you,

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