[e2e] two papers re: TCP, router buffers, errors

Craig Partridge craig at bbn.com
Sat May 1 03:32:38 PDT 2004

Hi folks:

Following up on the debate of the past week or so, I thought people would
find the following two (brand new) papers of interest:

"Sizing Router Buffers" by Guido Appenzeller, Isaac Keslassy, and Nick
McKeown, to appear in ACM SIGCOMM 2004.  [SIGCOMM puts these papers
on-line when the authors submit final copy for publication, usually
in early July].

    Concludes that routers typically need far less buffering than
    the rule of thumb suggests.

"Explicit Transport Error Notification (ETEN) for Error-Prone Wireless and
Satellite Networks" by Rajesh Krishnan, James Sterbenz, Wesley Eddy, Craig
Partridge and Mark Allman, to appear in Computer Networks. [Preprint should
be available at www.ir.bbn.com early next week]

    Presents work done over the past couple of years on how TCP
    performance could be improved if the TCP knew when loss was
    due to errors rather than congestion.  As an author, I'm biased,
    but one of the things I really liked about this work is that
    we did simulations to determine the best possible performance that
    TCP could achieve (using what we called Oracle ETEN, where the
    TCP sender was notified immediately of any error-related loss).



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