[e2e] scheduled name space

=?gb2312?q?Jing=20Shen?= jshen_cad at yahoo.com.cn
Wed May 12 19:51:08 PDT 2004


I nslookuped www.google.com with different DNS server,
and find that's a CNAME of www.google.akadns.net.  The
most interesting thing is "www.google.akadns.net" is
resolved to different IP address pair ( exactly two)
while using different DNS server. This means the root
server of akadns.net responds with different IP
address according its differentiation between client
IP address. So, it's exactly the implementation of
"resource locating service" across the network. A
little further, scheduled name space could be included
in policy service by DNS system. But I'm not sure this
could do help to anti-spam.

And, is there any dns server implementation public
availabel which support service like google?


jing shen

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