[e2e] was double blind, now reproduceable results

Jon Crowcroft Jon.Crowcroft at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed May 19 06:52:33 PDT 2004

also we should stop accepting papers for conferences and
workshops and journals that report work done on linux or
ns or any other open source platform where the
imlementation is not available for others to test the
work - we should also _DESIGNATE_ a certain percentage of
slots in these events for the sole purpose of publishjing
results that reproduce existing work (or not) as other
subjects (medicine) do...

we quite liked
for example - but if it had not been the same, we ought
still to have liked it:)

so if we used online discussion first, this could
pre-filter stuff (people could check stuff before a paper
went in, then get acked (or added as co-authors if they
help improve or fix irreproduceable results)

I am not saying publishin the experimental instruments
will guarantee correctness, but it will improve quality,
and it will let us eliminate misunderstandings (viz 
the Cold Fusion of the Internet:-)


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