[e2e] was double blind, now reproduceable results

Saad Biaz biazsaa at eng.auburn.edu
Thu May 20 07:23:02 PDT 2004

Reproducible results, checking, .... It sounds to me that academic
integrity is dead. Worse, it seems that we accept that it is dead.
Now, we want to set a batterie of checks... This is Tom Ridge's approach,
forgetting the source of the problem...

The source of the problem in this matter is the tendency of our community
to accept only papers that tell a happy story, a successful story. We
forget that we learn more from a sad, than a happy story.

In 1997, I worked very hard into trying to find "signs" into the
statistics of round trip times or drop loss patterns in order to
distinguish between congestion losses and losses unrelated to congestion.
My conclusions were negative. In a private email, Dave Mills told me that
he had some statistics of RTTs on an old PDP 11 in order to find signs
of imminent congestion. These statistcs were inconclusive. He
told me that he never tried to publish these results.  I wish he published
his negative results. This would have saved me and many others a lot of
time. But, let me tell you: it takes a lot of time to get negative
results published. Meanwhile, a lot of papers relative to the
same topic are published telling a happy (contradictory) story that entice
and lure many graduate students into fraudulent and wasteful methods/schemes.

If the public wants exciting stories, you will produce MANY MANY Blair's (
I refer to the Times fraudulent reporter, not the fraudulent politician).

Many (I hope MOST) of us chose this career because of integrity, freedom
of thought, and ..... particularly because we hated becoming a
salesperson. Here we are that now where many researchers must behave
like a salesperson using hype, deceit, unreproducible results....


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