[e2e] was double blind, now reproduceable results

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Wed May 26 08:52:44 PDT 2004

Bob Briscoe wrote:
> Joe,
> At 22:39 20/05/04, Joe Touch wrote:
>> The issue is not whether the data is truly public, but 'public enough' 
>> for real scientific validation.
> Homomorphic techniques can be applied to trace data to anonymise, but 
> preserve the structure required for the experiment.
> Of course this often 
> needs to be hand-crafted to preserve the particular structure required, 
> so could be more difficult than the original experiment (or impossible). 

Impossible is the case I was referring to. Certainly IF transforms are 
possible then they should be used and the data made available. However, 
some data sources aren't comfortable with these transforms, since there 
may be data correlation that ends up compromising the transform.

Notably those that correlate data to existing Internet routing tables - 
if you found something that preserved not only prefixes but also the 
aggregation, and published it, you'd have to publish the routing tables 
similarly transformed. However, since the untransformed routing tables 
are available publicly anyway, you've compromised your transform.

> But the excellent paper below shows (and proves) it can be done for 
> prefix structure at least...



> @INPROCEEDINGS{Xu02:Prefix_anon,
>   author = {Jun Xu and Jinliang Fan and Mostafa Ammar and Sue Moon},
>   affiliation = {1-3: Georgia Tech; 4: Sprint},
>   month = nov,
>   year = 2002,
>   title = {Prefix-Preserving {IP} Address Anonymization: Measurement-Based
>           Security Evaluation and a New Cryptography-Based Scheme},
>   booktitle = Proc. IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols 
> {(ICNP'02)},
>   organization = {IEEE},
>   keywords = {Data Communication, Networks, Internet, Security, Information
>              Security, Crytography, Encryption, Privacy, Addressing,
>              Anonymity, Homomorphism},
> }
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