[e2e] topological locality of Internet communication?

Swapnil Patil swapnil at nec-labs.com
Thu Nov 4 15:30:28 PST 2004

You could get some accurate data from the evaluations in the Sigcomm
2003 paper on AS-level Traceroute measurement by Jennifer Rexford et.
al. (http://www.research.att.com/~jrex/papers/sigcomm03.pdf )


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since we were just talking about Internet statistics:

I'm looking to get a feel of how much topological locality Internet 
communication exhibits, to calibrate some simulations we plan to run.

Is anyone aware of measurements of how many "AS hops" typical 
connections cross in the Internet? Ideal would be a CDF of "AS hops 
crossed" for connection percentages.

(I thought about looking at the TTLs of incoming TCP packets at servers,

infering the OS based on TCP characteristics like nmap and using this to

guess the default outbound TTL for that OS. But that yields IP hops, not

AS hops.)

Lars Eggert                                     NEC Network Laboratories

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