[e2e] Admission Control and Policing in MPLS

Ping Pan pingpan at cs.columbia.edu
Thu Nov 11 07:39:19 PST 2004

weigengyu wrote:
> I would like to tell you a fact here. A telecom carrier build another IP based network 
> dedicated to some basic service, like voice, video.
> Because the first IP based network always congested and cannot provide QoS needed
> although they  increased capacity.

Another fact: some carriers have never moved their voice traffic off ATM 
backbone, because the IP backbone cannot sustain delay-sensitive traffic 
at large volume. The problem takes place at edge.

> Guaranteed services are the most concern problems by telcom carriers 
> since they are deploying  SLA (Service Level Aggreement). 

SLA is NOT about rate guarantee only. It also includes accounting, 
restoration, per-flow manageability...

- Ping

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