[e2e] Re: Computing Traffic Matrix from netflow data

Jing Shen jshen_cad at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Nov 16 03:48:52 PST 2004

Hi ,

Thanks for your help.

>   http://www.cse.ucsd.edu/~teixeira/tm.pdf
> for details.  For this study, we collected a feed of
> iBGP update
> messages from each of the ingress routers of
> interest, so we
> could track the changes in the BGP next-hops
> continuously.

To my situation, there is three E-BGP border routers
which connect to the same AS with multiple links. In
order to balance load on those links, BGP
advertisement is modified manually ( for traffic in),
and some part of network traffic is hard routed to
special BGP border router. So, OSPF just control part
of intra-AS traffic  while BGP behavior is modified

In fact, I don't think this is a good manner to follow
in network optimization. But, before we get to know
load requirement, esp. the trends of load variation,
it's not possible to start network optimization.
That's the reason why I do with netflow.

Work on similar problem or information on how those
ISPs do with such problem is valuable.

> If you just want to compute the router-to-router
> traffic matrix,
> you could
>   - collect Netflow measurements on the incoming
> traffic
>   - aggregate traffic with the same destination
> prefix, using
>        the BGP prefix information
>   - aggregate traffic with the same BGP next-hop,
> using the
>        BGP next-hop information

If I do not make a mistake, above method is good for
deriving traffic matrix for a backbone AS. But my
situation is to optimize a "stub" network connecting
to one AS. The network has its own ASN, it runs BGP
with upper AS when it runs OSPF inside.  Is there any
work on deriving traffic matrix for OSPF area 0? 
Any work on OSPF optimzation for traffic engineering?

thanks again. 



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