[e2e] Satellite Date Rates

Ibrahim Matta matta at cs.bu.edu
Tue Nov 30 07:03:36 PST 2004

> This is analogous to an adaptive FEC, and becomes one, but based on a 
> somewhat different theory and loss model, and with a quite different 
> optimization goal - to wit, minimizing end-to-end latency and jitter 
> given a requirement of reliable, sequenced packet delivery within a 
> flow, not maximizing utilization.

FYI, we have looked at adaptive FEC for reliable transfer subject to
delay deadlines (in a different context) at:

Jaehee Yoon, Azer Bestavros, and Ibrahim Matta. SomeCast: A Paradigm for
Real-Time Adaptive Reliable Multicast. In Proceedings of RTAS'2000: The
IEEE Real-Time Technology and Applications Symposium, Washington, DC,
May 2000.


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